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The listings page

After your first visit to this site you will be taken directly to the listings page whenever you visit. This shows all the events that match the search criteria entered in the box at the top of the page.

Initially you will see only a brief summary of each event. Click on the event to see further information such as website, contact details and ticket prices. Click again to hide this information.

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About search

The listings page shows the first 100 events that match the current search. To see events after those listed enter a future date in the "from" box at the top of the litsing.

The search results show all events within 30 miles of the location given. In addition one day festivals are shown if they are within 75 miles and other festivals within 250 miles. If no search location is given events for the whole country are shown. Distances are approximate.

Registered members can set their default search in the User preferences section. This search will be made every time you log-in so that you always see relevant events. Non-registered users returning to the site will see the last search that they made (although deleting cookies will clear the search).

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Search by location

The best way to find events near a particular place is to enter the post code in the "Find events near" box on the listings page - you don't need the whole code, just the first part will do. You can also enter place names but be aware that there may be more than one place with that name and you may get results for the wrong one. Adding the county should help avoid this, e.g. ebtering "Haddenham, Bucks" will eliminate results for Haddenham in Cambridgeshire.

If the text you enter cannot be translated into a geographic location it will be ignored and you will see events for the whole country.

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Search for artist, event or venue

Use the "Search for" box to find a specific artist, venue or event. When you enter text box the event name, venue name, artists and any Premium Text (in italics below the basic listing) are searched for words matching those you entered. All events with a close match are displayed.

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Search by date

By default the listing shows all events that end on or after the current date and time. To see events starting from a specific date enter the date in the "from" box at the top of the listings page. You can enter dates in the past to see events that have already taken place.

Dates can be entered in any format as long as they are given in the standard UK date-month-year order. d/m/y is usually the quickest. You can omit the year and events will be displayed from the next occurance of the day and month entered. We will try to make sense of whatever is entered but if a date cannot be determined the entry will be ignored.

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Selecting event type

If you are only interested in specific types of event, e.g. festivals, you can use the "Show me..." check boxes to filter the search results and show only those events.

The "Show me" check boxes limit the search to certain types of event. The "Show me only events that include" checkboxes further limit the search to only events that feature those activities. Use the two together to pick out the exact events you want. For example checking only "Pub session" and "Song" will eliminate sessions which are purely for musicians. This feature can be particularly useful for finding workshops.

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