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Internet Explorer 6 support

We no longer support Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and cannot guarantee that the site will function correctly with this browser. We are not alone in this - Google and other large companies have also stopped supporting it.

IE6 is now a very old browser and, at the time of writing, has been replaced by IE8 with IE9 due very soon. Before IE8 Microsoft chose not to comply with the standards laid down by the World Wide Web Consortium. As a result IE6 behaves very differently to other browsers (e.g. Firefox) and poses major problems for the web devloper. It is extremely time consuming to 'bodge' web pages to work with IE6. Given the age of the browser we are no longer prepared to commit the time necessary which can be better used to improve the site for the majority of users.

IE7 was a big improvement on IE6 but it was not until IE8 that Microsoft came close to complying with the standards. We will continue support for IE7 for the time being, as there are still a large numbers of users, but we recommend upgrading to the latest version.