Services for promoters, artists and venues

Enhanced listings

We offer a number of ways in which you can enhance your listing and attract more interest. Whether you are a promoter, club organiser, agent, artist or venue manager you can promote any event you are involved in with these enhancements.

Banner advertising

The best way to promote your event is through banner advertising either to the left of each page or at the top of the main listings.

Posters to display

We hope you will like this site and appreciate how useful it could be to your customers or members. We hope you will support us by downloading posters to display at your events.

Website links

If you have your own website we would appreciate links back to this site. You will find graphical links to display on your site here.

Get people along with Premium Text

Typical listing with Premium Text

Premium Text consists of up to three lines of text appended to the bottom of the visible part of the listing.

Premium Text costs £1 per for each date listed.

It's up to you how you use this space, as long as it complies with our terms and conditions but the idea is to give you the chance to sell your event. Use this space to tell people what is special about your event, why they should come, or to add extra information. Festivals can use this space to extend the artists list if there is insufficient space in the basic listing.

Get your event noticed with Premium Events

Typical premium listing

Premium Events are shown in colour with the key information in bold.

Premium Events cost £10 for each date. (The price will be adjusted periodically so that no more than 10% of events are in bold.)

There may be many listings on the page that all look identical. Premium Events stand out from the crowd. Anyone quickly scrolling the list will be drawn to your event - it won't pass unnoticed.

Go to the top of the list with Sponsored Events

You can pay to have your listing shown in a separate section at the top of the listing page. Sponsored events are automatically "Premium Listings" as above.

This feature will be introduced as soon as there are sufficient events listed to make it worthwhile.

Sponsored events will be sold to the highest bidder.

Up to three "Sponsored events" are shown at the top of each listing where they will immediately attract the eye of the visitor. Sponsored Events must meet the user search criteria in order to be shown. The event will also be shown in the main listing.