Terms and conditions

The rules

To the lawyers dismay (or future delight) we do not have long and complex terms that no one will read. A few simple points should be enough...
  1. This site is only for listing entertainment events of an appropriate genre. Please do not list anything else. In borderline cases, we have the final say.
  2. Event listings should be taken as guidance only. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information given on this site. We cannot take responsibility for any loss arising from the listings.
  3. Any registered member can add or edit events. Please do not get into an "edit war" where two people keep changing the details in a listing back and forth. Contact the promoter to sort out any dispute or, if necessary use the 'Report' link on the listing to contact us and we will try to help.

    We will be changing the edit procedure so that where changes are made by someone who is not the original poster of the event the changes will be subject to moderation before being displayed.

  4. Do not post anything that is:
    • Self-promoting at the expense of others
    • Misleading or knowingly inaccurate
    • Rude or offensive
    • Illegal
    • Libelous

    We record the email and IP addresses of everyone adding and editing events on this site and will take appropriate action against offenders.

  5. We may remove or edit any listing at any time without giving a reason. We will usually only remove a listing if it:
    • Is not relevant to or appropriate for this site
    • Breaks any of the rules on this page

    We may edit a listing to maintain conistent presentation and ensure that the information given in each section is appropriate to that section.

  6. Anyone who persistently breaks the rules will have their membership suspended. Persistent offenders will be banned permenantly.

Legal information

This site is not fully moderated. We therefore have no responibility for any libel included in the postings. If we are informed of any libel, or other illegal text, we will remove the posting at the earliest opportunity.

Details of ownership. This site is owned and operated by

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